Brilliant. Commerical Laundry Services.
Brilliant. At your Service.

Brilliant is an orchestrator of commercial laundry services, particularly suitable for national groups who require a fastidious approach to quality, budgets and keeping everything running like clockwork.

Our UK-wide Brilliant laundries provide rental services for just about everything and everyone – hotel linen, factory uniforms, shop welcome mats, call-centre poloshirts and specialist workwear, including hi-vis gear and PPE.

For us, it’s all about delivering authentic customer service. Everyday.

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Provided with a service to keep Housekeepers happy.

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Soft, fluffy, clean towelling products your guests will love.

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Crisp, clean and fit for a banquet.

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Working undercover: choose your wardrobe carefully.

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Casual, stylish functionality to suit everyone.

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Getting you noticed, keeping you safe.

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Talk to us to keep your chefs happy at work.

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Goodies and gadgets for the most important room.

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Floor Protection

A mat for every entrance and every space.

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This is Brilliant: Authentic service from informed people offering logical Linen Hire, well-groomed Managed Workwear, groovy Mats for busy floors plus goodies and gadgets for a dazzling Washroom. Find out more.


Over 85,000 hotel rooms in the country are serviced under a Brilliant contract!! That’s enough to put every person in the regency spa town of Bath to bed for one night!

New Kitchen Linen 

Our newly designed kitchen linen has arrived and as you might expect, it’s brilliant.Responding to the needs of our customers in their demanding kitchen environments, the Oven, Glass, Waiter and Kitchen cloths are colour coded for easy identification.They are all good looking hard working products too, we think you’ll agree.