Mission header

Brilliant Purpose

To live up to our name. Everyday.


Brilliant Brand Values

The Brilliant Brand is about having a passion for more than just laundry.

It’s about being open, positive, the best at what we do.
It’s about rising above the usual and the expected and offering a laundry service that thinks above and beyond convention.
It’s about living up to our name. Everyday.

It’s about being Brilliant at what we do.


Brilliant Offer

The Brilliant offer is, customer service.

We serve our customers through…

  • a national laundry service, delivered locally by our partner laundries
  • a comprehensive commercial laundry offering, suited to global brands
  • the combined knowledge, experience and resources of the Brilliant Group
  • an efficient, reliable delivery of competitively priced products and services
  • centrally managed accounts orchestrated by a highly competent management team
  • an ongoing commitment and investment to be the market innovator and leader

Brilliant Vision

Helping us stay on track, knowing where we’re going. This is our vision.

  • Grow our portfolio by attacking new markets to increase revenue and margins
  • Expand our operational facilities
  • Improve levels of customer satisfaction reporting, measurable by happy customers
  • Be the industry innovators
  • Communicate more effectively across the group and with customers
  • Improve fiscal management and reporting
  • Attract new customers, retain existing customers
  • Show proof of working to ethical, environmental and corporate responsibility policies
  • Train and support our people, ensuring we retain the best
  • Be more proactive about communicating the Brilliant story