Ross Laundry

Our Laundries

Our Brilliant laundries cover the UK and have vast experience of providing a full range of commercial laundry services to the high standards demanded by our customers. All our laundries are long established, well financed and resourced to maintain consistently high levels of product and service.

The Brilliant structure is inherently stable, ensuring long-term service continuity on a robust financial footing where capital investments and stock replenishment are second nature. With access to over 35 processing plants, Brilliant is able to guarantee continuity of service in the event of serious issues at an individual partner’s operation.

Brilliant is extremely proud of its processing facilities. Brilliant partner laundries run some of the most modern, efficient, compliant and ‘green’ sites in Europe, with continuous investment in new plant, machinery and stock to ensure we remain an efficient and competitive long term supplier to our customers.