We’re pretty sure our Brilliant Managed Chefswear Service is the most thought-through out there. But we don’t want to seem egotistical, so let’s justify our position:

Over many years, we’ve worked alongside some ‘big names’ in the hospitality industry and developed a Chefswear Service that is completely in tune with the needs of the modern kitchen. What’s more, it’s particularly suited to companies with sites across the UK who require a national service, delivered locally, managed centrally by our clever team of people at Brilliant HQ.

We know that when looking for a Chefswear Service, your chefs want it to be clean, good looking and there when they need it, your managers want it to be hassle-free, your accountants want it at the best price, and your bosses don’t want it to become a headache or in any way jeopardise the front line of your business. With all of you in mind, we’re pretty sure we’ve thought of everything!

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